The Mechanical Engineering is the branch of Engineering which deals with the Machines. In this blog, we try to give how to operate a machine and their mechanism. The main purpose of this blog is to give 100% correct information to the people who are doing the Engineering. 
         In this blog, we mainly focus to give practical knowledge about the Engineering related topics. We fully explain the related topic likes, Workshop. Mechanical labs.

About all shop in Hindi

Definition of Workshop 

A class or series of classes in which a small group of learn the methods and skills used in doing something. A place where things are made or repaired. A small establishment where the manufacturing of handicrafts is carried on. In the workshop, we cover the Engineering shops.

Foundry Shop

The place where work is prepared by melting and pouring molten metal into the mold. The molten metal pours the mold which is prepared by sand, in sand casting and some sufficient material for die casting. In this shop, we discuss the following topic and give to read more practical knowledge.
1. What is Foundry in detail in both Language (English and Hindi)
2. Tools used in the Foundry shop

Smithy Shop

Smithy or Forging is the oldest shaping process used for producing small articles for which accuracy in size is not so important. The parts are shaped by heating them in an open fire or hearth by the blacksmith and shaping them through applying compressive forces using a hammer.

Introduction of Smithy and Forging 

Forging Tools

Welding Shop

Welding is a process of joining two material with the help of heat or pressure. The heat may be generated either from the combustion of gases, electric arc, electric resistance or by chemical reaction. When heat is produced by means of electricity, it is called Arc Welding and when used the gases it is called Gas welding. In this shop, we cover the following welding technique and their mechanism and also discuss the tools.

1.Arc Welding 

2.Gas Welding

3.TIG Welding

4.Mig Welding

Machine Shop

Where most of the work is performed on different machines is called a machine shop. In a machine shop, the raw material is cut, machined formed or shaped with the help of machines. Different machines are used in a machine shop. 

1. Lathe Machine

2. Shaper Machine
3.Milling Machine
4.Planning Machine

5.Drilling Machine

6.Grinding Machine
7.Threading Machine

Fitting Shop

The term fitting, is related to the assembly of parts, after bringing the dimension or shape to the required size or form, in order to secure the necessary fit. The operations required for the same are usually carried out on a workbench, hence the term bench work is also added with the name fitting.

Introduction of Fitting Shop

Fitting Shop Tools

Sheetmetal Shop

In the sheet metal shop work is started with a thin metallic sheet. All work is doing with hand tools and simple machines. In this shop the necessary to know about their mechanism and how to use hand tools. It is very important to know that for efficiency working in sheet metal working. We discuss more topic of sheet metal in this shop.

Sand Testing Shop

In this shop sand testing, related topic are covered in which checking the sand by sand testing instruments. In this shop covered the strength of sand and property of sand. We are testing the sand with different instruments.